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In a generation where most people spend their extra and free time browsing the internet, it is no surprise that people are beginning to use it to their advantage and utilize it for other things.

Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media sites used by millions of people all around the globe. With over 2 billion users and counting using Facebook, using it as means of advertising is extremely effective.

Before, Facebook was just used to communicate, share photos, and posts statuses to your wall so that your friends and loved ones have a constant update on your life. However, it has grown into something much more.

Advertising in Facebook is really effective because of the number of its users and the almost limitless possibilities and capacities it can offer. But, how do we use Facebook advertising to its full advantage?

A lot of people overlook this idea and just advertise what they want without thinking about unlocking its full potential. There are some strategies that can guide those companies or businesses that uses Facebook for advertising purposes.

This article will do that for you. Hold on! As we give you a ride on learning some Facebook advertising tips and strategies.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Social media advertising is one of the rising ways of advertising something online. One specific way of social media advertising is through Facebook ads.

These ads on Facebook can appear in a person’s Facebook News Feed on a desktop, mobile, and in the right column of your Facebook on a computer.  The content of the ad is usually paired with a news article about social media actions your Facebook friends have taken, like for example, liking a certain Facebook page.

Your other friends can also see your social media actions you have taken in Facebook ads, although this can be changed based on your privacy settings.

Moreover, Facebook does not sell any of your public or private information to any Facebook advertisers and they also strictly apply and enforce policies in order to protect your experience with the said concept.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

If you are not that quite familiar with the concept of Facebook advertising and want to give it a try, here is what you need to do:

  • Choose an objective
  • Determine your preferred audience
  • Find out where you want your ad to run
  • Set your budget and time period for the ads
  • Pick a format for your ad (photo, video, slideshow, etc.)
  • Submit your order
  • Manage and measure your ad

Know more about Facebook advertising basics here.

Facebook Advertising Tips and Strategies

Now that you are properly introduced to the concept of Facebook advertising, here are some tips and strategies to use fully.

Determine The Right Target Audience

Your Facebook ads are as good as how well you can choose your audience. Since the main point of your ad is to inform and influence other people about your service or product, not having the perfect audience is going to be a big factor.

Important data points to consider when choosing the right target audience are location, age, interests, and job roles. Determining the right audience in Facebook ads is not that hard to do because marketers have the opportunity to fill in their target audience’s details in the creation of the ads.

The more specific and detailed your listing down is, the more likely you can resonate well with the right audience.

Test Different Advertising Platforms

What’s wonderful about Facebook ads is the choice of what platform a marketer is going to use for the advertisement. Typically, a simple Facebook advertisement can be in a form of a photo, video, slideshow, etc.

You can also easily choose from the following popular types of Facebook ads for brands.

  • Video Advertisements
  • Offers and Homepage Advertisements
  • Promoted Posts
  • Boosted Posts
  • Carousel Advertisements
  • Lead Advertisements

Run Competitive Analysis

This can only be done if you already determined your target audience. After doing so, running a competitive analysis afterward helps a marketer understand the preferences of your competitor’s customers.

The resulting data then that will be obtained from the competitive analysis will help you identify the opportunity to meet the specific needs of the candy.

Construct Buyer’s Personas

Because your customers play a major role in your business, knowing your businesses’ target audience helps you in finding out customers. Creating a persona out of a potential buyer is an effective advertising strategy.

Your creation of a buyer persona should not be all based on assumption.

Other tips and strategies will be listed down below:

  • Use Facebook Remarketing Tactics To Reintroduce Brands
  • Focus on Facebook Lead Ads
  • Incorporate Video Ads as much as possible.


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