Just because you’ve had a website built for your business, it does not necessarily mean that potential customers will automatically visit it in droves. In order to grow your website and increase website traffic, you have to invest ample time, money and energy.

What are some of the best ways to drive traffic to your website?


grow your websiteStart a blog

The primary purpose of a blog is to serve as a platform to inform and convert prospects into paying customers. Take note that in blogging, your main focus should not be selling your products or services. Instead, your primary focus should be to provide reliable and helpful information.

Here, the quality of the content is of utmost importance. Show that you possess expertise in your field and you will gain a sizeable following. Take a cookie-cutter approach and your site visitors will leave.

It is also worth mentioning that sharing blog posts on social networks help increase the reach of your blog posts. Make sure that you share each post on your social media accounts and put social sharing widgets on your website.

Write guest posts

Apart from helping drive traffic to your website, guest blogging, when done right, can also provide your website with quality links.

Start by looking for blogs that are relevant to your business and make a pitch to write guest posts for these.

Make sure that you write a quality blog post and avoid turning that into an opportunity to pitch your product or service. You can include links to your post but limit these to three to five links. Also, make sure that you finish your guest post with a call-to-action.

Contests and promotions

Another great way to entice people to visit your website is to host contests and promotions. Here, you can require participants to use their social media accounts to join your contest or promotion. Through the use of social media, you can extend the exposure and reach of your contest — and by extension, your website.

Referral program

Referral programs allow businesses to tap their loyal customers to help them grow their websites. Here, you can use a wide variety of online tools to get the help of your customers via emails or social media. It certainly helps if you will give your customers an incentive to promote your website, like discounts or other special offers.


There are two types of cross-promotion tactics that you can use to drive traffic. First, you can target customers who have bought items from you by sending them newsletters that promote items that are related to the ones they initially purchased.

Another type of cross-promotion tactic that you can use is to partner up with another business from a different industry. For example, if you own a cafe, you can hook up with a local artist for an exhibition. Both parties can promote the event on each other’s social media accounts.

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