I wanted to pick up where we left off in regards to conversations for business owners.

(For reference, watch the previous video here: [VIDEO] Generate Leads Using Conversation and Community)




Conversations is the new lead.

It’s always been that lead. But now, you can’t be an analog player in a digital world and expect your business to thrive. You must get on the phone with people. You must text people. You have to get on Facebook Messenger, direct messaging on Instagram, wherever people are trying to communicate with you.

Don’t send them off into another channel that they’re not going to communicate on. If they’re messaging you on Facebook, don’t send them to email or to your website.

Continue that conversation there. Make the appointment there. Make the sale there.

They want that from you. So make sure that you’re opening your doors to your customers where they are living.

That’s all for now. Until next time!

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