How To Scale Your Business With Facebook Ads

Jan 18, 2019Business, Digital Marketing

Every business should be looking to grow, but growing without scaling is a great way to sink even a thriving business.

Adding resources like Facebook will help mitigate the growth of your company and help you scale effectively.

Facebook is a highly effective marketing medium that has helped hundreds of businesses scale very quickly at a very low cost. If you aren’t currently using Facebook to market and scale your business, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to grow your customer base and generate massive amounts of revenue.


Why is Facebook such a great Marketing Tool?

There are a few really good reasons why Facebook is one of the most effective marketing mediums for scaling your business:

Advanced Targeting– You can have the best ad campaign in the world, but if it doesn’t make it to the right audience it will fail.

Facebook has one of the most sophisticated targeting mechanisms that will help put your campaigns in front of the right people. Couple that with a 1.6 billion account user base and you have a highly advanced tool at your disposal.

User Friendly Interface– If you have ever posted a status or shared an article on Facebook then you know how simple it is to use. The Facebook team has thrown insane amounts of resources into their interface in order to make it as user friendly as possible.

Highly Inexpensive– Even with a small daily budget, you can run several Facebook ads at a very low cost to you. With an average CPC of just under $0.30, you can generate hundreds of highly relevant sales leads without breaking too far into your advertising budget.


How to Use Facebook Ads To Scale Your Business

So now that you understand why Facebook is such an integral tool in marketing your business, how will you put it into practice? There are a few key ways in which Facebook ads can help scale your business quickly and effectively.

Focus On Growing Your Mailing List– Email Marketing is a highly effective tool for chasing down leads and making sales, and it’s not going out of style anytime soon. One of the best ways to scale your business is to grow your email list, which gives you access to a larger audience to advertise and eventually sell to.

A Facebook Lead capture campaign gives you the possibility to grow your emailing list exponentially with very little cost. This is an amazing tool that gives you highly relevant leads by targeting those who “like” your page or your competitor’s pages, or visit your site.

Build Your Brand-You can use Facebook to build your brand and your audience. Offer your customers free resources like highly informational articles or photo or video content. Relate to your target audience by speaking their language and sharing their interests.

Use Facebook’s social sharing tools to get their attention before you focus on selling to them. Give them a reason to like your company and build brand equity.

Offer high quality content to your customers,which will get their attention before you start hitting them with sales ads. This will build their trust in your company before they even try your products or services.

Advertise To Your Target Audience– Now that you have built your brand and your emailing list, it’s time to start making some sales. Use the brand equity that you have been building and start hitting your audience with effective sales ads that offer a solution to a common problem among that demographic.

Facebook allows you to keep a close eye on your stats while running these campaigns. Take note of the ads that work and figure why they worked better than others.

Most importantly, follow up. You are able to see who clicked through the ad and made it to your store. Sometimes they even fill their cart and don’t check out.

This is where you send a follow up email to remind them why they went to your site and why they picked out those items. You would be surprised how many sales you can generate from following up on these hot leads.

Scaling your Facebook Ad Campaigns– Once you have found a fruitful ad campaign, you want to get the most possible leads out of it. Simply giving it a bigger budget won’t necessarily get you more leads.

You have to scale your campaign by using different strategies and resources to reach a bigger audience. This article gives several detailed strategies for scaling a Facebook ad campaign that will knock your socks off.

Facebook has become one of the most sophisticated marketing tools for any business looking to scale. If you’re ready to get serious about scaling your business, it’s time to start using Facebook to reach your target audience. If you’re looking to start running Facebook ads, Littlejohn’s Webshop has you covered.

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