Unless you can afford to hire a Web designer into your own workforce, you will likely need to get the help of a Web design shop to help build your small business website.

Many consider working with a web designer a tricky matter. You can easily avoid these pitfalls with these helpful tips.

Building a website takes time

One key mistake business owners often make is to rush their designers. This can backfire in the form of high costs and a poorly designed and badly performing website. Instead, give your designer ample time to design and build your website.

Ask for a progress report

Although you have to give your web designer ample time to work on your website, you can ask for constant updates on the work progress. This will allow you to see mistakes that can be changed before the site goes live.

Always be testing

It is perfectly natural for designers and clients to have disagreements. In order to settle a stalemate, the best approach is to test the design with a small segment of your audience. And then, you can use the results to make the necessary adjustments.

Stick to one design

Instead of asking your designer to come up with multiple designs, brainstorm together and give him enough freedom to interpret your concepts. If you ask the designer to come up with multiple designs, you will be tempted to cherry-pick certain elements which may not be possible to use in one design.

Too many cooks…

Once the design begins to take shape, you might be tempted to show it to your colleagues and friends to get their opinion about it. Unless you are reporting to a higher up, this can be counterproductive. People have differing opinions and tastes, which are subjective. As such, these differing opinions can only undermine the progress you and your designer have made.

Stop chasing perfection

Designers fully understand that attaining perfection is not possible. Some clients, on the other hand, seemingly do not know where to stop and make requests for additions and corrections which lead to overworking of the design. As a client, you have to remember that it is not about you but about people who will visit your website.

On the converse side of the coin, analyzing the behavior of website visitors is a good way to improve the look and performance of the website. Here, tweaks are certainly warranted.

Work does not end after launch

In relation to the previous statement, a website is not a product that is truly finished. You may need to update it every once in a while to improve its design and performance. As such, it is beneficial to cultivate a good relationship with your designer.


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