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Organic Traffic – what is it? And how does it help businesses? Businesses today require a strong and steady online presence in order to maximize their reach with target consumers. Your website is basically your virtual front door, and you want the right people — the best fit for your products and services — to come knocking 24/7.

“Of course, building a website does not guarantee that people will immediately come flocking to it on their own.”

Aside from spreading the word about your online presence, you need to employ measures, such as search engine optimization, to help drive traffic to your site.

Online traffic comes in different types: direct, organic traffic and paid traffic.

What is direct traffic?

When people visit your website without using a referring website, that is direct traffic. This happens when a person manually enters your exact URL into a browser or has your website bookmarked.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic, on the other hand, refers to web users who find their way to your website with the help of a referring URL. A person may be directed to your website after they perform a search on Google, Bing for example, using keywords.

This is the kind of traffic that web marketers strive to get more of. When people type in specific keywords on a search engine and your website shows up on the first page of results, then it means that your website is highly visible and can be found by more people online — and that’s good news for your business.

What is paid traffic?

Paid traffic comes from pay-per-click or PPC campaigns, which are essentially advertisements. Your business may opt to pay to have your ads appear whenever a web user types specific keywords into a search engine. The placement of your ads will depend on a quality score and bidding process.

Organic traffic vs paid traffic

Generally, businesses focus on improving their organic or paid traffic results more. Each of these has particular advantages that can be harnessed to improve a website’s online performance.

Organic traffic:

  • Encourages the continued creation of quality content. Web users keep coming back to sources of information that are useful, reliable and engaging. This is important for your overall marketing objectives.
  • Builds credibility and trust. Web users will naturally gravitate toward the top entries on the search engine results page because these imply that the site possesses industry authority.
  • Improves rankings. It becomes easier to maintain high rankings if you have achieved them before since you will be sought out by users as an authority source.

Paid traffic:

  • Enables better targeting. You can set up your PPC campaign to speak to a particular audience.
  • Gets results in shorter time. While organic search can yield rankings in months or years, you can find paid results at the top of the ranks as soon as you pay for the ad placement.

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