Web design is composed of a variety of elements, and if you’re able to create the right mix, you’ll be able to effectively target the four metrics of success for websites. These are: traffic, conversion, customer retention and stickiness.

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Stand out among your competitors

In creating the “right mix,” for your site, the primary principle to follow is to establish uniqueness. This refers to the ability to set itself apart from the rest to generate more attention and interest.

Aside from good aesthetics, you need a strong understanding of what your target demographic likes and needs. It may all seem very simple but achieving uniqueness demands thoughtful study.

“If you want to strengthen and maintain the visibility of your business’s online presence, one of the most crucial elements that you need to pay attention to is your website’s design.”

To help you understand how your website can stand out in the massive online market, make sure to work with a reputable web development company and take note of the following tips:


1. Determine the “Character” of your site.

Clearly identify what your business does that sets it apart from other players in your industry. Doing this will help you identify the best visual theme to use for graphic design.

Graphic artists say this will be the foundation of all the artistic elements to be integrated into the website.


2. Develop a logo that represents your brand accurately.

Web development companies cannot emphasize enough how important it is to carry out research in the creation of a logo.

There are so many “logos for free” that you can get online but when you choose among those, you’re just molding your brand to whatever provision there is.

It’s hard to be unique if you’re just making do. Develop a logo that’s entirely your own and make sure it is placed strategically throughout your website.


3. Make the psychology of color work for the website.

Color has always been an integral element in design for it has the power to pull other design elements together. Also, color can instantly reveal the nature of your business especially if you follow the psychology of color for marketing.

There are colors identified to work really well for certain businesses not only in establishing credibility but also in stimulating the desire to engage.

For example, pink works exceptionally well for websites that sell desserts and other sweets; orange, meanwhile, is highly recommended for restaurants. Using the right hues for your website will surely leave a positive impact on your target market.

Now, what you need to ascertain is even if you’re using similar hues as other businesses, you’re still able to set your own website’s colors apart by playing with shades.


4. Use all-original high-quality

Use photos that are entirely your business’s own and make sure they’re taken by professionals.

Professional custom photos are better overall for marketing.

When your audience sees these photos and they like them, you want to make sure that your website is the only place in the digital realm where these images can be found.

Web Development - Hollister, CA - Littlejohn's Web Shop

5. Make it clean.

It’s easier to see the creative and unique components of your website if all of them are presented in a completely clean and organized fashion.

Everything will just be more pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, your website users will be able to navigate the site more easily and thoroughly.

Creating a positive experience for your users through your website design provides the benefit of leaving a longer-lasting impression.

“This positive impression can eventually transform into actions that serve your business’s advantage.”


6. Create an Instagram corner.

This is particularly important if your business is in the retail or food industry.

When you create a page where Instagram posts featuring your business and its products or services, the photos can be easily shared by your customers.

Shareable photos increase your brand visibility, especially since most customers these days enjoy the strong association they establish with their favorite brands.

It’s important to note too that despite the popularity of this strategy, very few business websites in such industries implement it.


7. Pay close attention to typography.

Typography is another vital component of web design. It has the power to make or break your online presence. This encompasses so many variables – semantics, syntax, typeface, font, kerning and others.

Good typography plays a role in your site content’s readability, allowing visitors to go through content on your website easily.

Another important contribution of typography to unique website design is, it does away with components that can distract the user from the original intent of the content, thus securing a positive, focused experience for your audience.

Make sure your website is designed the smart way. Invest in a website that’s not only unique but will also be an asset to your business. Work with a reputable web design team to start building a results-driven business website today.

Small businesses need strong websites to help inform and sell potential customers. To learn more about about how web design can benefit your business click here or call 831-801-7185 today!


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