Website Redesign - Littlejohn's Web Shop Hollister, CAWebsite Redesign: A website should not remain in a state of stasis. Periodically, you need to shake things up and make minor adjustments to reflect changes in available technology as well as your preference and aesthetics.

“But when is a website redesign truly necessary?”

Whether you have a normal website or an e-commerce site, a complete design overhaul is a big investment that requires plenty of resources and commitment from your part. Hence, it is necessary to know when minor tweaks will do and when a total revamp is necessary.

Here are some signs that you are due for a website redesign.

Your website looks dated

Perhaps, your company was one of the early adopters of the idea of websites being a vital tool for business. You may have experienced a high degree of success in the past, but today, your website looks like a relic from days gone by.

Check your website. Is it running on an outdated platform? Does it still rely on Flash? How does your homepage look? Is it cluttered because of the sheer volume of information on it? Compare your website with your competitors’. Which looks more visually appealing?

Your website is not yet compatible with mobile devices

If your website is still incompatible with mobile devices, you are losing a substantial volume of potential customers. In recent years, the number of consumers using tablets and smartphones for browsing the internet has surged. Responsive website design ensures that your website can be viewed optimally whether the user is browsing from a desktop computer or a mobile device. Also, search engines like Google favor websites which are mobile-friendly.

Your search engine rank has dipped considerably

There are plenty of factors that influence a website’s ranking on search engines. One of those factors is the architecture of your website. If it has been built using old principles, it may not perform as well as it used to because of the changes in the algorithms of search engines.

Visitors are bouncing off

Your website might be getting a huge amount of traffic. But as soon as they get to your website, they leave immediately. One key reason behind that is that your website is difficult to navigate and visitors cannot find the information they are looking for. Or perhaps your website loads sluggishly and that long waiting time hurts the performance of your website.

You overhauled your brand

You’ve recently re-branded and that change should be reflected on your website. The redesign should not merely focus on updating the log and taglines. Beyond that, your website’s content and functionality should also be upgraded.

If you are in need of a website redesign, click here and get started with Littlejohn’s Web Shop today!


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