Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is when you need some extra coding or designing to tweak your website, such as customizing plugins, widgets or creating new shopping carts, you can use our services by the hour.

Website Troubleshooting

If your website has broken links, problems loading images, or other errors displaying correctly, this is the service for you.  The programmers at Littlejohn’s Web Shop can find and fix issues fast.  We have over 15 years of experience creating, maintaining, and troubleshooting websites just like yours. Items needed for this: – list of errors if there are any – when error occurs (if you know it) – last thing that was done before error occurred (eg: installed a plugin) *Please note, not all errors have known solutions. Some errors cannot be fixed, some require a work-around. Time used to diagnose or attempt to fix cannot be refunded.

Shopping Carts

eCommerce is a simple, cost-effective way to reach customers who aren’t able to visit your physical location.  Littlejohn’s Web Shop can help you create shopping carts from the ground up, to drive sales and increase revenue immediately! Items needed for this: – logins to WordPress website – product descriptions and images – shipping information – optin form code is preferably in HTML code (as opposed to javascript)

Landing Page Design

First impressions are important.  Your landing page is the first thing that a potential customer will notice about your web presence.  The average person only spends a few seconds on a web-page, so you need to be sure that your content is engaging people and holding their interest.  Our designers can put together landing pages that will draw in attention, and keep it on your website. Items needed for this: – logins to WordPress website – optin form code is preferably in HTML code (as opposed to javascript)

Custom Website Logo creation

Your brand and logo are what cause people to recognize your product out in the world. If your company doesn’t have a logo, you are missing out on an opportunity to further your brand’s recognition.  The designers at Littlejohn’s Web Shop have created logos for dozens of companies, that are still in use today, with great results! Items needed for this: – description of how you’d like it to look (if you already have an idea)

Content Generation

If you want to reach out and engage customers, you’ll need engaging, interesting, and relevant content.  People simply get tired of reading the same articles over and over!  Writing content that stands out from the rest is difficult, but the creative minds at Littlejohn’s Web Shop can help.  Our writers can generate content based on virtually any topic that is guaranteed to attract positive attention to your website. Items needed for this: – Pictures, articles, video or any content that you’d like to place on your website – your wordpress website login details

Website Migration

Are you moving to a new domain name? The geeks at Littlejohn’s Web Shop can manage your DNS entries, subdomains, and other technical aspects of moving your website from one server or domain to another. Forget the headache, let us handle your move! Items needed for this: – Cpanel logins of both the source domain and the destination domain – WordPress logins of the source site

Purchase a 5 Hour Discount Pro Pack for $497!

Once your order is received, our dedicated project manager will contact with more details.

*Please note, this maintenance pack is good for one year from date of purchase.