SEO Traffic Tips To Boost Your Site This Holiday Season

Dec 6, 2018News, Tips and More, SEO

Feeling lost on how to create better traffic for your website?

In SEO, we always strive more every day. Changes in the digital world are very fast, you have to be able to keep up.

Creating traffic isn’t an easy task when you’re not sure with the measures you’re taking. You need to have a concrete plan but it’s the best investment for you.

Aiming for organic traffic means having a traffic that consistently drives in for your site from the search engines. But it’s not rocket science, you don’t have to be an expert in copywriting to increase traffic.


Generate better SEO website traffic this holiday using these foolproof tricks!

Take Advantage of the Right Keywords

This is very important for SEO. You must be able to pinpoint the most relevant topics in your blog or website.

One should not aim only for the high ranking keywords, but be aware of the conversion. When people search stuff on Google, it can be anything.

Let’s say someone is looking for a great resort nearby, they may type in “best vacation spots in [insert town name]”, right?  This is where long-tail keywords allow you to have a higher chance of conversion.

Adapting your strategies on long-tail keywords can work like magic. That being said, targeting the right keywords and the most accurate keywords for your website is very important and don’t forget to put in the perfect call-to-action for them to not only visit your site but to stay in your website.

Dive into Guest Posting

Yes, guest posting is still a thing and it still works. What does this do?

This builds authority, exposure, and relationship for your site. Find a great prospect to contribute to their blogs, don’t just pick any blog without a good standing, always maintain quality.

This allows a link back to your website while contributing content to certain blogs that you have chosen.  Always keep in mind that you are doing it not just to increase traffic on your website, it will aid in establishing your brand and making it a more reliable website.

You can also suggest other websites to guest post on your blog, this helps you build a community. This is an indirect take on collaboration, giving a bigger scope of topics you can dive into.


It won’t hurt to invest in paid ads, because it works wonders. Using social media for free is nice, but using paid advertisements give you a greater advantage in terms of promotion.

You can set your audience, location and the specific highlight that you want to publicize. Know what page they visit most and start from there, you may also want to check how long they stay within the website.

Measuring your traffic will help you plan out what and where to advertise. A more specific scope and the target is a fantastic take on aiming for more traffic because you’re running the system on people and feed them with something they are interested in.

Social Media and Interactions

Let your presence be known by commenting, interacting and socializing with a community. Build a local presence when you visit websites, join in the conversation, this will bring in people to become interested with what you can offer.

Being proactive will skyrocket your chances of creating a bigger community and audience for your website. Make use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites that will allow you to create more traffic.

These social media sites are effective and are ideal for different purposes. You can use Twitter for short posts while Facebook and LinkedIn for broader kinds of content and social media websites are more likely to have a lot of people staying in them and often times use them to do some research.

Internal and External Links

Using external and internal links offer bigger opportunities for your website. It’s only normal that you use the most reliable links and most importantly, it should be related to the angle of your page or post.

Internal links allow visitors to dive in more into your site. Internal links often work best for websites because you’re indirectly bringing attention to the other parts of your website and it creates retention of viewers.

Despite SEO being technical, simply remember to make a website that people want to visit. Know the audience you want to target and adjust your user interface.

Is it made for the corporate people? Is it made for the farmers? How about for the masses?

These SEO traffic tips open up new insights and possibilities for you to keep track with your website’s standing. Don’t forget to ensure your website security as views can come from humans or bots.

Bots are fine, but there are malicious ones you should be very careful of and it’s really the human views you’re after.


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