6 Basic Social Media Tips For Beginners (Or Any Level!)

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Last year, we released the blog post “The Basics of Social Media Marketing in Less Than 5 Minutes”. There, we talked about what social media marketing is and how businesses can use it for their benefit. We also shared some general social media tips like which social media platform is best for your business and the elements of a successful social media marketing campaign. The blog post was well-received by some of our readers.

One of which was Angelo, an entrepreneur in his 40’s running an auto business in San Jose. He wrote to us that he would hear about social media marketing and he knew that he would gain a lot more sales if he applied it to his business. However, he said that the books he read about social media marketing were only filled with business jargons that were muddying up the waters. Thankfully, he wrote, the blog post “demystified” the practice and it was all he needed to set-up the basics.

See, our readers aren’t marketing gurus from Silicon Valley. They are earnest hardworking Americans running an honest business. However, while they might be experts at running their business, they need help with the digital marketing details and execution — including social media marketing. In a world that lives online, it’s the only thing keeping them from rapid growth.

We want to help more people like Angelo. That’s why today, we’re going to expand on that first article. Here’s some social media tips for any level — novice to professionals:



We traditionally think of advertising as disruption. While you are watching TV, reading magazines, or listening to the radio, advertisements cuts in the middle of your experience. It disrupts your immersion. However, media has changed since then. Disruption is seen as invasive and unwelcome. When you observe how the audience reacts with pop-ups, telemarketers, and obnoxious product placement, this becomes obvious.

Today, conversation is the name of the game. Social media marketing is only effective when you’re connecting with people and building relationships.

Social media marketing needs more empathy than hard-nosed science.



In conversations, you’re more charismatic if you relate to the people you’re talking to. But before that, you need to know who you’re talking to. Your efforts will be more powerful if you have a clear understanding of your ideal target audience.

Two not-so-big words: ideal target audience and clear understanding.

Your ideal target audience is the people most likely to pay for your product or service. This needs to be specific. This needs to be an actual person. You need to be sure of this one. Otherwise, you might waste your time wooing a target audience that won’t be customers. Do your homework. Find out who this person is.

After you identify them, you need to have a clear understanding of who they are. This is important. You need to know everything about them as much as you can. You need to be close. While they may have something in common, a stay-at-home mom has different tastes with a teenage girl.



People get a deeper emotional connection through trust. No one would buy from you without trust. If you present yourself as a sleazy snake oil salesman with dirty tricks, people won’t even give you their time.

Connect as a real empathetic human being — and they might listen.



In conversations, spouting nonsense won’t earn you the respect of anyone. Everything you say must add value to the conversation.

Social media is already flooded with quotes and offers that add little to no value. Don’t add to the noise. Your posts and comments should add value to the conversation. If you’re posting for the sake of posting something, you’re wasting everyone’s time. And most of all, you’re wasting your time.



Social media is like dating, and most of your ideal target audience don’t kiss on the first date. Most likely, your ideal target audience won’t buy from you the first time they see your offer.

That’s why your efforts need to be consistent. You need to consistently publish valuable content consistently to establish yourself as a serious business. Better yet, give your content some impact.

So when your customer needs your product or service, you’re the first one on their mind.



You can’t force relationships. They take time. You need to respect the process of “getting to know you” to “impromptu out of town trips”.

Results are not instant. You will need to wait a little bit to see progress. Don’t let the numbers bother you too much — focus on the quality of your interactions and engagements.



More likely than not, you’ll be in a situation where you want to speed up your process. You might start considering shortcuts — buying followers, likes, subscribers, or anything else to increase your quantitative “results”.


Fake followers are fake. The whole point of social media is to build relationships. You can’t exchange messages with a fake follower. You can’t turn it into a customer. Also, your accounts will be shut down.

Trust me, you shouldn’t care about how many likes you have. Care about how many sales you’re making.

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